Universities of the World: University of Calgary

U.S. News & World Report Jan 21, 2017  University of Calgary:

The University of Calgary is a comprehensive academic and research institution, with a mission to discover new knowledge and translate our discoveries into applications that provide benefits to our local, national and international communities. UCalgary is pursuing our Eyes High strategic vision to become one of Canada’s top five research universities by our 50th Anniversary in 2016.

Univeristy of Calgary’s Strategic Research Plan is part of the roadmap toward its “Eyes High” vision of becoming one of Canada’s top research universities.

To achieve this goal, UCalgary designed its “Strategic Research Plan” to focus on three major priorities:

  • matching our strengths with opportunities,
  • increasing our research capacity,
  • And creating a dynamic environment to promote research excellence.

At Ucalgary, each of the strategic research themes represent an area in which we have a critical mass of expertise.

Ucalgary is an essential hub in provincial, national, or global research networks and has strong community or industry partnerships.

UCalgary researchers have a tremendous capacity to bridge the gap between discovery and innovation.

Innovate Calgary has emerged as the designated technology transfer agency for the university of Calgary, and together with Alberta Innovates, it aims to create a regional hub for commercialization that serves southern Alberta.

UCalgary researchers have shown a tremendous capacity to bridge the gap between discovery and innovation.

With more than 30,000 students, 450 postdoctoral scholars, and 1,800 faculty actively engaged in discovery, creativity, and innovation supported by 3,200 staff, the University of Calgary is a major driver for both economic prosperity and quality of life for Albertans.

“As we progress on our Eyes High journey, we continue to fundamentally transform our university, leveraging the youth, entrepreneurialism, and passion of our campus family to venture into new areas that are shaping the future of our society.” University of Calgary

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The new U.S. News and World Report regrets to inform you that the old U.S. News and World Report is still under the controll of an International terorrists syndicate.  The continuance of the mass media conspiracy across all major networks has changed the nature of our presention.  We are not at this time going to give you mass media here.


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