Residential Education: Carnegie Mellon supports your social, physical, mental and spiritual well-being, so you can thrive.


“Promoting education is a safe way to keep news going without mentioning the names of the dead.”  JC Angelcraft Special Agent in Charge of the United States of America.     Washington D.C.

Residential Education at Cernegie Melon is organized around people and invests heavily in relationship building.

To advance our highest aspiration for the residential experience, we seek to leverage the individual stories of our residents towards engendering rich communities that support, encourage and celebrate the exploration of the self in complex social and cultural contexts.

The cornerstone of residential education is our belief in gathering around difference and dialogue, inquiry and reflection. Towards that end, Residential Education is led by a team of professionals and paraprofessionals who live with and alongside our 3587 residential students.

On the professional side, Housefellows at Carnegie Mellon University are experienced student affairs generalists with an unparalleled opportunity to cultivate meaningful, one-to-one mentoring relationships with exceptional students.

Housefellows aspire to profoundly influence the growth and development of the leaders of tomorrow; create unique experiences building on the talents of a diverse, multifaceted community; engage in a Student Affairs program whose cornerstone is a deep, sustained commitment to the ongoing care of its students.

Housefellows advance a broad-based vision for student development by utilizing the residential house community as a focal point for the student experience on campus. Encompassing more than a traditional residence life position, the Housefellow role involves serving as students’ primary metacurricular advocate at the university while enhancing their social, academic, intellectual, artistic and personal development.

To best serve the communities that they lead, Housefellows advise a Community Advisor who lives in residence. The Community Advisor is responsible for developing a strong sense of community among house residents, facilitating resident involvement in the life of the house, and fostering an environment in the house that enhances the personal and academic success of all who live there. Toward this end, the CA provides leadership to a team of Resident Assistants who provide resources and support to all residents while maintaining community standards and offering individual and group opportunities for personal growth.

Mission: The Office of Residential Education at Carnegie Mellon University seeks to enhance student learning and development through cultivating vibrant living experiences reflective of the diversity and uniqueness of our residents.

Within those communities, staff and residents aspire for meaningful one on one relationships that supports deep exploration, a commitment to community, and interpersonal growth and learning.

Students inspired and supported to engage in a transformative university experience that shapes their evolving understanding of self, community, and their contributions in a global society.

Values that Guide Our Work

  1. Integrity – Aligning our practice with our core values and the ethical principles of our profession
  2. Compassion – Investing in concern for the welfare of others and humanity
  3. Inclusivity – Fostering an environment where all feel welcomed, accepted and respected
  4. Dedication – Demonstrating exceptional commitment to our students and aspiring toward quality work and leadership
  5. Responsiveness – Anticipating and responding to meet the ever-changing needs of those we serve
  6. Collaboration – Active sharing of talent, resources, and time to positively impact the student experience
  7. Innovation – Leading through creative and forward-looking solutions that advance our mission
  • Office of Residential Education – Staff Carnegie Mellon University
  • Student Life Suite | 1060 Morewood Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15213
  • Phone: (412) 268-2142 | Fax: (412) 268-4999

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